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There is a great misunderstanding out in the finance world about what constitutes someone in financial difficulty, and the greatest of all these is that the section of the community that has the greatest need for our services is those that are beneficiaries, and those that are out of employment.

In reality this is not the case, and in todays financially stressed world, the new poor is the overcommitted Middle Income Family.

There are things in place to cater for those that are on benefits and 'subsistence' incomes, however there is very little in place to cater for the Middle Income Family, who is struggling with increased living costs, and in a large number of cases, reducing incomes.

Many of these families are being advised by banks and financial instutions that they should just 'give up' and go bankrupt!


So who are our clients.

Our clients are;

  • Families who have had a reduction in wages
  • Families who have had large increases in household costs (eg Power)
  • People who have been out of work due to illness
  • Pensioners who cant afford to live in todays world
  • graduates who are repaying huge debt
  • Families cut down to one wage due to childbirth
  • and many others...

As you see from above, this list is not pointing the finger at people who are just plain useless with money
Although that what you may feel when you are talking to your creditors.

We understand your circumstances, and can empathise with your situation, it is people like you that are having difficulty, the last thing you need is hassles from someone who is paid to collect money from you, who (as our experience has told us) are likely to be having the same sort of financial, relationship, and household issues that you are


Our clients are people just like you!



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  • February, 2012

    I think the gods were looking after me when I found your website and rang you... I will never forget what you did for us, what would have happened without your help I have no idea.


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