Who Are We?

DebtPlan is a trading name of KiwiDebt Limited.

KiwiDebt was founded in 2007, upon the principles of fair and equatible repayment of outstanding debt for all creditors regardless of organisation type

KiwiDebt Limited was incorporated in 2008 in New Zealand and later in Australia, operating registered trademarks such as Debt Doctor.

The goal for the staff of Kiwidebt is to create scenarios for clients and creditors alike that are:

  1. Ethical.
  2. Equitable.
  3. Affordable.
  4. acheivable.

The best way to stop someone drowning is to take your foot off their head.
"MN 2007"


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What people say about getting a Debt Management Plan.

  • February, 2012

    I think the gods were looking after me when I found your website and rang you... I will never forget what you did for us, what would have happened without your help I have no idea.


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